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Adopt A Drain

Why Adopt A Drain?

When it rains, stormwater carries grass clippings, leaves, cigarette butts, pesticides, fertilizers, antifreeze, paint, gasoline, motor oil, and animal waste directly into lakes, and creeks. Tampa residents and businesses can help keep our waterbodies clean by adopting storm drains in their neighborhood and committing to cleaning them regularly.

Adopting a neighborhood storm drain is an easy way for residents to improve their local waterways. Some storm drains are placed, unfortunately, in some not so pristine evironments collecting water from sidewalks, roads and drain pipes. Drain blockage by debris is a frequent issue and main cause of flooding which results in drains not operating correctly. This blockage can cause damage to the surrounding environment. Different kinds of debris can cause drain blockage and that is why we are organizing residents to support overseeing their drains, taking action or reporting to the county for greater concerns or assistance.

Adopting A Drain

Thank you for your interest in adopting one or more of Tampa's storm drains. By pledging to keep your drain free of leaves and debris, you are joining your neighbors in helping to protect the environment, manage stormwater, and minimize flooding.

Tampa's Adopt A Drain asks residents to adopt a drain in their neighborhood and commit to keeping it clear of leaves and other debris to reduce water pollution.

Tampa's Drains

How To Clear A Drain

Once you have adopted "your" storm drain, sweep and rake the leaves and other debris from the surface of the drain year-round and dispose of it properly.

Care Your Adopted Drain

  • If possible, clear the drain before it starts raining.
  • To dispose of waste, place it in the appropriate receptacle: trash, and recyclables (glass, plastic bottles, cans).
  • Clear only the surface of the drain and the area around it.

Safety & Tips

  • Always wear gloves and be careful of sharp objects hidden in leaves and trash.
  • Never try to lift the drain grate.
  • Consider wearing reflective clothing so vehicles can see you.
  • Use a rake, broom, or shovel - not your hands.

About Tampa's Adopt A Drain Program

Adopt A Drain was built buy a group of volunteers to encourage and support local initiatives to improve the quality of our water systems and environment. We hope that our efforts are recognized by our local leaders and recieve continued support for our efforts and goals